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Demo Reel Videos

Artist Bio

James "Rusty" Haner (1987, New York & Memphis, United States) makes animated films, web sites, and assists on game development projects. He is currently working with iDesygn Creative on Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project, a series of short films including Feeling Wanted and My Identiy. He was also an VFX/Animation Artist on the documentary film Beyond the Bricks. He is also working with VisionCore Labs, branching out into game development. He also works with the Memphis Redibrds, the Minor League (AAA) affiliate of the Saint Louis Cardinals. He specializes in character animation and dynamic simulation of cloth and hair effects. His hobbies include quoting movies, swimming, video games, traveling, and spending time with family. James Haner currently lives and works in Memphis and New York.

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Demo Reel

Reel contains the following collaborative work:

Dragon Rig - Brian Schindler, Savannah College of Art and Design.
Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon (Free Music Archive).

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Videos via Vimeo


Space Stuff

Unity 5 WebGL Engine

Space Shooter Clone for Udemy Course in C# and Unity Development

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Memphis Redbirds / Running Pony Productions

Camera Operator

Expertly operate an HD Camera to director's specifications

Minor League Baseball

Increscent Capital

Web Manager/Developer

Innovative investment group that invests in sectors that compliment their expertise.

Wordpress / Bootstrap

SmartSource, Inc

Software and Hardware Technician

Independent contractor for computer hardware and software upgrades

Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project


The Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project is an animated documentary short, which depicts foster youth, their triumphs, and struggles.


VisionCore Labs

3D Artist and Unity Developer

Startup game developer based in New Jersey. Currently working on a UFO themed project.


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